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These socks were not created by the Branson congregation nor are we the ones selling them.  This endeavor is being done by a member of the church from TN.  All questions associated with this can be sent to OR you can call 512-644-4165.

While we support the efforts in assisting the Blackwell family, please understand that this is not a "fundraiser" being put on by the Branson church of Christ.


In March of 2019 brother Don Blackwell jokingly wrote on Facebook:

“I have determined that one of the rules of being a faithful gospel preacher is to never take socks with you when you go
to preach a gospel meeting and be forced to buy a new pack
in every town you visit.” He went on to ask what he should do with his abundance of socks that he now owned.  Someone suggested that he take all of his socks to lectureships and resell them to the other preachers who have forgotten their socks.

From this statement the idea came to create a faux line of custom socks (dubbed “mildly used socks”) and to set them up as if Don had brought his socks to sell at the Branson lectureship this year.  
Just something to give Don a chuckle upon his arrival.

As many of you know, Don and Sheri Blackwell are unable to be with us
due to a severe 4 wheeler accident that happened just a couple
weeks ago.  Sheri has fractures in her back and must wear a brace
for approximately six week.  Presently Don still has some fractured
vertebrae in his back, in his neck, and he has a cracked sternum
Don also has a severed spinal cord and is completely paralyzed
from the waist down. He will be receiving treatment,
plus occupational and physical therapy to help him learn
how to function without the use of his legs.

These socks are being sold with Don's permission and ALL profits from the sale of these socks will go directly to the Blackwell
family to help with their medical expenses.



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